Sunday, February 5, 2012

Womenstuff Hunt: .:NV:. Corsetry

Hunting to me is the very best way of having a great time with some amazing people AND finding fantastic stores that you normally would have missed otherwise.  While doing the Womenstuff Hunt, I came across a fabulous store in the hunt that I'm totally in love with! Corsetry is full of..well what else?  Corsets!  All incredible in detail and rich in design, these are just scrumptious beyond words!  Luckily while I was there, the designer of these beauties was also in the store.  Khurt Vhargon was super helpful, friendly and even informed me of joining the group to get the group gift, which is a rich textured corset in Butter.   For this month, the group is free to join but, there will be a fee in the future.  Khurt also informed me that group members will be getting gifts, sales and discounts, so well worth joining; especially since it is free at this point in time.
Another thing that impressed me about this designer, is that he offered to assist with the fitting of the corset.  If you require help in fitting your corset, all you need to do is set an appointment and he is happy to assist you, to ensure that you will be happy with the product you have.   Major thumbs up from this girl for wonderful customer service!!
I've decided to show off the hunt item you receive in the hunt, that comes with an outfit, since it's just so sharp and chic, I couldn't resist.

Styling information:
Corsetry - Womenstuff Hunt Gift
Truth Hair - Leighton lt. blonde pack
Filthy - January group gift (previously blogged about)
Magic Fashion - Adjanta jewelry set (store no longer open)

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