Sunday, January 29, 2012

52 Week Color Challenge

As mentioned previously, it was "suggested" that I participate in the color challenge from Luna Jubilee. Well, I'm running behind everyone! (There is a big suprise..not! lol)
This weeks color is Patina. I must admit, I do enjoy this color quite a bit and went digging thru my bloated inventory for this color. I have a number of items that would go for the challenge but the clothing from Phoenix Rising caught my eye because of the style of it being very sharp looking and the cost of it was insanely reasonable. The blouse and the pants were 25L each, which you can never go wrong with that price! Well, here is my submission and I hope you enjoy it as much as I did putting it together.

Phoenix Rising - Oda Ruffle top 25L
Phoenix Rising - Maddy Ribbed Pants 25L
The Dressing Room - Shoes - TDR Gift 1L
Septem Essentia - Purse and Scarf 0L (sadly, they are now only available on the marketplace)
Truth Hair 250L
Filthy January group gift skin 199L to join group (gifts are given out consistently each month)

The next color up is Alice Blue for the sixth week in the colour challenge! A super light blue that is going to be a blast to play with!!
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