Thursday, January 26, 2012

Free is good!

I have to admit, I'm a bargain shopper. There is nothing more satisfying or squeel inducing as finding a deal that just rocks my socks! Freedo.Om and Energy truly came through for feeding my bargain hunting needs AND assisted in bloating up my already overly full inventory with some amazing items. Freedo.Om has two super cute outfits up on the marketplace, for only 0L! No, that is not a typo but, the right price!
Energy has some gifts that filled in my insane need for shoes. They have a little wall FULL of Group gift shoes, from sneakers to high heels that made me do a little happy shoe dance as I clicked on each and every one of those beauties! *sniffs* What a beautiful thing to see!

Cropped set:
Truth - Andrea - Lt. Blonde
Filthy Skin - January Group Gift
Freedo.Om Cropped set
Energy Red Heel sneakers

Short set:
Truth - Jess - Xmas Gift - Platinum
Filthy Skin - January Group Gift
Freedo.Om short set
Energy Black sneakers
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