Tuesday, January 24, 2012

VOID Skin Store Sale!

While flipping through my group announcements, checking to see what I have missed and trying to catch up, I came across VOID's announcement of closing/restructuring. All stock is on sale, for between 10L to 25L. That's skin fatpacks, makeup enhancements fatpacks, horns, nails, etc. It's an incredible deal on some beautiful items before the store is closed and these items are gone. I ended going nuts in there, with skins, makeup and a super cute outfit!
Btw, VOID also has some very incredible fantasy skins that are a not to be missed!

Heartbroken Shoulder T - Red
Heartbroken Jeans - Black
Skin - Songbird - Repent - Natural Tone

Heartbroken Shoulder T - Dark Red
Heartbroken Lowrise Jeans - Grey
Skin - Hawk - Song - Natural Tone GenX

Heartbroken Shoulder T - Light Red
Heartbroken Lowrise Jeans - White
Skin - Faun - Natural tone - Zee
All pics also had the Makeup Enhancement - Gloss/Teeth

The tops came in a three pack, for 25L and the Lowrise jeans where also packed in a three pack for 25L.
As for the Makeup Enhancement fatpack, it comes with 40 different options, including freckles for only 25L.
The Faun Fatpack was only 10L with busty option included in it. The GenX skin Fatpacks are 25L, also with Busty options included in them.

Last but not least, here is your Taxi to VOID for these amazing deals!
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