Thursday, February 2, 2012

The Sweetness of Nectar!

As I've mentioned before, I love to hunt.  It's a fabulous occupier of time and it allows me to find some great places that normally I would have missed.  Yesterday, I started the Season's Color Palette hunt, after hearing some wonderful things being said about it and catching a couple of blogs with pics of a few of the gifts. 
While searching for the hidden palette over at Nectar, I noticed that they group gift was a cute little mesh dress that was quite eye catching.  Joining the group, which was free to join, I scooped up this little beauty and put the hunting to the side, to put it together with a few things that I already had in my inventory.  Thankfully, I had already picked up the new Filthy Group gift skin, which turned out to be perfect for the outfit AND in theme with February being Valentine's month.  With a some nice accessories from Duh!, Baby Monkey and Exodi, I think I ended up with a cute outfit that is simply styling for this time of the year!

Style Information:
Nectare - Group gift Mesh dress - Free to join the group
Filthy - February Group Gift (199L to join)
Duh! - Big Tote - Brown (25L)
Baby Monkey - Ultimate Faye Snakeskin -Browns & Golds pack (past group gift)
Exodi - Earrings and matching necklace (previous 12 days of Xmas gift)
Junwave Hair - Store no longer open but another store with similar styles was in it's place.  Zeus, predominantly with male hair and some female.
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