Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Cricket's Group Gift

My brother Xander is to blame for my addiction to Cricket.  He was the one who first discovered the store and figured I would just love the styles and designs.  Darn him for knowing me so very well!  lol  Thankfully, Cricket has fabulous deals, especially on new releases or I would be in some serious trouble.  They also consistently give out great group gifts, which I'm continually thankful for as well, since it feeds my love for the creators work.  This week, they released their latest group gift Lara, which is the full outfit including the shoes.  Lara is hot, sexy and the design is fabulous since they can easily be mixed and matched with other outfits. 

Lara Full Outfit (Group Gift)
All the outfits I have from Crickets are fun, hot-looking and I love to make different outfits with them.  A fantastic store to enjoy!  Also, they have amazing clothes for the men as well, including a Group gift to die for, for them also.  (Group is free to join)
Here is the taxi, for a direct ride over there

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