Sunday, February 5, 2012

52 Week Color Challenge: Alice Blue

Last week, Juna released the next color that would be the challenge for this week.  When seeing it for the first time, I wasn't worried but felt sure that I had that color plentifully in my inventory.  I have tons of blue in there after all, right?  In fact, I do have many shades of blue..just not THAT one!  lol
After doing a very thorough search thru my inventory, I headed off to do some shopping. (Yeah, I made it out of the black pit of everything(except Alice Blue) that I call an inventory, to go do more shopping.  lol)  Searching thru stores though I didn't quite find what I was looking for.  Thankfully I finally took a break and did a little hunting in the Womenstuff hunt.  You know who had what I was looking for?  Cynful!  For their hunt gift, they had a cute pink and a sweet blue, off the shoulder dress; that I feel in love with.

Style Information:
[Cynful] - Womenstuff hunt - Zone's off shoulder Dress
Jesylilo - Happy Valentines group gift skin
Baby Monkey - Ultimate ZeeZee Pumps Nude
Duh! - My Peach Plaid Bag
Dernier Cri - Hair Fair 2010 Gift
Elegant Epiffany - Gum Drop Lip Color.  (Appears to no longer be open, so I searched around and cheLLe has several shades that come really close to the one worn in the picture)
Izzie's French Nails  w/color change hud

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