Saturday, February 11, 2012

Mynerva and Vero Modero Group Gifts

That's right, the title IS correct!  Mynerva is back!  I have loved her skins since the day I did the Pretty in Pink Hunt and picked up one of her fabulous skins as a hunt gift.  Due to RL demands, the creator has not had time to create though, so it's been quiet in her store for quite awhile.  Well, the long wait is now over and she is back and creating once more again!  Yay!
The store has been revamped up a bit and some of the older skins have been moved to the bargain basement to make room for the new skins that will be coming in, in the near future.  The prices on the old skins are amazing and yes, I went shopping as usual.  So did quite a few other people as well, including Mockie and Indigo from MOCK, who were giggling right next to me as we picked out our favorites.
Not only has a bargain basement been added to the store but, there is also a new group skin gift that has been brought out, in celebration of the return of the creator.  Sarah Pure, which is very amply named, is simply breath taking and sweet looking.  I am completely in love with her and loved dressing up this skin with MOCK makeups, which fit the skin beautifully!   The group for Mynerva is 50L to join but, when you consider the amazing quality of these skins, it's a small fee to pay for the beautiful skin you get.
While browsing around the grid and doing more of the Womenstuff hunt, I popped into Vero Modero and noticed a glamorous and hot looking gown that is the group gift.  The group is free to join and they still have previous months gifts still posted up on the group gift wall.  The designs are classic with a good eye to detail and style.  The dress is a perfect red, in honor of Valentine's and great for when you go out with your sweetheart.

Vero Modero Group Gift

Mynerva Sarah Pure Group Gift
A little side note here:  The hair I'm wearing is from [elikatira].  This is her new mesh hair, which has a lovely long braid that goes down the back and has a ribbon, which can be color changed with a hud, to help match with your outfits.

Style Information:
Vero Modero - February group gift
Mynerva - Sara Pure - Group Skin Gift
[elikatira] - Abbey(mesh) - Warm blonde pack
Mock - Morado Otoro Makeover  (store hunt that is presently going on till the 14th) (top picture)
IKON - Celtic green eyes (formly Fasshism)
Pictures were done at Happy Mood in Winter
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