Sunday, October 21, 2012

Vassnia's Ultra Femme

Ethereal, classic, stylish and glamorous.  Four words that came to my mind immediately, when I seen this amazing gown from Vassnia's The Source.  The gown has beautiful and delicate florets strategically placed across the bodice of the gown and feathers on the shoulder and creating the skirt of the gown.  The whole effect creates a breath-taking elegance and beauty, that is undeniable in this gown.  Aptly named Ultra Femme, this amazing gown can be found on the Marketplace here.
Created with an distinctive eye to detail, this gown is priced more than reasonably and affordable.  With a gown of this callibre, I have seen prices that range for over 1000L but this one is only half that amount.  For a creation that will not only look amazing on you but, will take your partners breath away at how beautiful you are in it, it's an amazing price.

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