Saturday, October 20, 2012

Ho Wear's Amazing Free Costumes

As Halloween quickly approaches, many are scurrying across the grid; in search of the best, the most amazing, scary, interesting, or just hilarious costume to celebrate Halloween with.  For some sexy and amazing looks, Ho Wear has set out 4 orange gift boxes containing some fabulous Halloween costumes for this season.  A couple are previous gifts from Halloweens past, so please check your inventory to see if you have one of them already from another Halloween.

Shopping list
Ho Wear - 4 Free Halloween outfits
Filthy - Sept. Group gift
Elikatira - Found style Blonde 07
Izzie's - Metallic Gradient Nails w/color change hud
Mon Cheri - Mesh Peep Toe Pumps(Black Collection) Thank you Kindra for these amazing pumps!
IKON - Halloween group gift eyes (not available anymore)

 Katink Photostudio:
Just a quick note regarding my new handy dandy photostudio.  I recently made this purchase to assist me in blogging.  Not only has it helped in organizing my backgrounds and poses, it makes creating these photos wonderfully quicker, more effective, looks great, is super user friendly AND I am loving it!  Thank you to the fabulous team at Katink!

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