Saturday, October 20, 2012

Vassnia's Skin Review

While chatting with my friend Jane, she mentioned a notecard for a skin review request from Vassnia.  Vassmia had sent out a request through a couple of groups, for customers to drop by, try out her skins and as a thank you, you receive one megapack of skins, of your choice.
Intrigued, Jane and I popped over and took a peek around.  Picking up several demos, I went back to my skybox and proceeded to try on several different skins.  As I told Vassnia later, the shading and detailing is amazing!  When she calls them realistic, she means it.  The skins do look very nice and realistic in my opinion, with belly buttons and breasts that are quite real looking, for example.  For her offer, I think just using her own words here, as she had them in the notice would be the wise thing to do, since she has a very specific request that she does:
Hello girls :) to win any VASSNIA MEGAPACK of skins, come to our Vassnia Main Store, and send me a notecard named Vassnia Skin Contest,  mentioning the following:
1. Your favorite set of skins and why (ie.: Antuanet TAN, Thalia SUN, etc)
2. Which particular feature of the skins you try would have to be improved and how
3. Your opinion about the prices of shapes and skins
4. At the end of the notecard mention which MEGAPACK of skins you want me to send you and it will be sent when i read your notecard.
The request is good for the weekend, ending on Sunday so drop by  and check out her skins, it's well worth the peek.
As for my pack, I picked out a very pale skin that I fell in love with for the amazing detailing and beauty of it.

Shopping list:
Vassnia - Fer Pale Megapack skin
Elikatira - Away Red 08
Izzie's - Gradient Nails w/color change hud
Paradisis -  Opps lingerie (one of 33 free gifts)
IKON - Pale mint and gold eyes
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