Monday, October 22, 2012

Haunted Fun Gifts

I admit, I'm a kid at heart when it comes to this time of year.  I love the smell of Autumn, the feel of the brisk, cool breeze on my skin and the decorated homes, getting ready for Halloween.  The world is painted in rich, vibrant colors and I love it all!
Across the grid, we echo the real world, with amazing decorations, sims that are created just for Halloween or Autumn and you can feel a festive mood surrounding many.  Creators are also quite festive and the amount of gifts and hunts going on, reflect this. 
*G Field has out an adorable dress for a gift right now, with no group required.  It includes the dress, matching tights and a bat ribbon for you hair.  Chrysalis has a pair of boots for their October gift that pair up really well with the *G Field* gift for both color and the designs on the boots.  Meanwhile, from SHOCK; I was lucky I came across these hot looking nails to finish off my look, which was their October group gift.

*G Field's Mesh gift dress

The bow in the back is a cute touch to the dress

SHOCK's Halloween nails

Shopping list:
*G Field*  Halloween Gift Mesh dress
Chrysalis  October Group Gift boots
[SHOCK]  Happy Halloween Nails (group gift)
Filthy  October Group gift (199L to join)
Truth  Aurora w/Roots Seaspray tone
IKON  Utopia Eyes(Pale Mint + Gold) Previous group gift

Special thanks:
Katink Photostudio and backgrounds
Agapee Poses

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