Monday, October 29, 2012

In Blows Autumn!

With the air becoming cooler and crisper and the wind starts to blow stronger, fall colors and styles in fashion; are reflecting the season.  We are now seeing lively colors paired up with the earth tones, creating a palette full of wonderful choices and looks to enjoy.
A wonderful example of this is the new Cricket's gift that was released yesterday.  With a heavier gaged brown sweater with a harvest red color mixed in, keeping the look from becoming drab.  Paired up with it is a cute pair of panties for underneath in the same red.  The stockings that are included with it keep the trend going with a variety of colors showing the autumn season is here and of course it's not a full outfit without the shoes, which are included. 
That is not the whole gift pack though..there is also a heavy jacket for those days that are colder, in a green that is lively but from the Autumn palette.  No longer are we locked in with the khaki green but, one that reflects the softer tone of the earth that still has life in it.  Finishing that outfit off, there is also a pair of matching boots included as well, so instead of one pair; you get two pairs of free boots.  As always, the group is free to join and the gift will be up all month.

Shopping list:
Cricket - Maureen Group Gift full outfits
Filthy - October Group gift (still available)
Izzie's - Gradient Nails w/color change hud
D!va - Tomoko2 Type A style Rhodolite color

Photo props:
Katink -  Photo Studio
BENT poses
Agapee Poses
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