Thursday, September 6, 2012

Yay! I won!

Normally, Lady Luck seems to usually miss me and pick everyone around me.  That's normally though but, it seems that she did notice me for once!  {E}argasms had a sale the other day on the marketplace, on her top 5 pieces and whoever picked up a pair; would be entered into a raffle to win a pair of earrings for free.  Guess who got picked??!  Yup, I did!  So off I went to go enjoy another wonderful browse through her collections and found the pair that I had noticed from my previous visit.
On my last visit I had picked up African Pride and Raven, since they caught my eyes first and were on the sale.  I had noticed Jungle Frenzy but, I am trying really hard to limit my buying lately, due to a very bloated and ready to implode inventory.  (Yes, I know 'delete is my friend' and someday I may actually discover where they located that little button).  I let Kyrah Paine know which pair had made me drool and before you know it, I had them!  Btw, thank you once again Kyrah; I love them!
With my new earrings in hand, I decided a cute new outfit was required.  (Did I mention that my inventory is bloated?  Now you know why...).   I found an adorable outfit over at the Acid Lily event that was calling my name, that was a fantastic bargain at 69L.  A full outfit, it also included some super little shoes with it as well, so I picked it up for the perfect partner for my new earrings.  Well, I think I'll let the pictures show you how great it turned out!

Shopping List:
Filthy - New September Group gift (199L to join fee and each month is a new skin gift)
CaTwA - Eva Roots/Blondy
IKON - Utopia Eyes - light blue & Rust - Previous group gift (group is free to join)
PWH - Spotty Dotty Black Outfit including boots 69L @Acid Lily Event
{E}argasms - Jungle Frenzy Earrings - Raffle prize from Kyrah Paine

Pose Prop - {what next} - Mayfair Trunk (saddle brown)
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