Thursday, September 6, 2012

Late Summer in Tuscany

For today's post, I was lucky enough to have noticed a sim on someone else's blog, that would fit my mood perfectly.  Don't ask who's though..sadly I was looking through a bunch of blogs earlier but if you recognize the sim as one you mentioned..please smack me so I can give you credit later.
Tuscany is gorgeous at this time of the year.  It's warm, the sun kisses your skin with it's warmth and beauty and the valley is lush with life and over in Cap Estel, they have recreated this wonderful valley!
For me, this was the perfect setting to show off the new pieces from h.o.b and {l.e}.  Yes, I'm in love with their work and designs.  They fit my mood perfectly and the promo prices they have on their items, is amazing to say the least.  Prices range from 10L to 35-50L for items and they are all mesh.  Drop by when you get the chance, check out this quaint little store and enjoy some adorable items.

 In the morning, you can wear your Chanel Cardigan to fend off the chill coolness of the morning air as you take a nice little stroll.  As the day progresses, you slide your sweater off and enjoy the warm breezes that play across the fields, letting them gently caress your sun warmed skin.  As we move onto dinner time, the little red studded dress is the perfect item for a rich, filling Italian dinner.  With evening progressing and the air cooling the earth, you find that your Acid wash blouse is just right for this time of the evening, paired with a cute pair of studded shorts and lace tights, you are all set to sit on a bale of hay and watch the sun set in Tuscany.

Shopping list:
(haus.of.boobah) and {l.e}  High Denim Shorts(Bronze studs)
                                          High Denim Shorts(no studs)
                                          Chanel Cardigan
                                          Love Crop Tank
                                         {l.e} Mesh Tank Dress (red/studded)
                                          Mesh Acid Wash Blouse (green/purple)
Jane  intinsic dark grey tank (group gift)
*Latte* Lacy Tights in brown and in black (closed)
Miel  Dandy Boots Solid
Truth  Marina - Oasis w/roots
          Aurora - Seaspray w/roots
Catwa - Vivianna - previously blogged
Filthy  September latest group gift in cream
MOCK  May LipColor Rose Rouge

Glitterati - Headshots
Sim:  Cap Estel 
*remembered where I seen it.  It was over at Koinup, pictures by RheaChoral.  Thank you Rhea for your discovery*

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