Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Tribute to Truth

I feel alot like the white rabbit today, I am always running late it seems these days.  This post is a little behind by one day since I wanted to have it up yesterday, in honor of Truth Hawkes since it's a special day for him (won't say what..privacy thing there). 
If you could ask which creator has contributed alot to women's fashion in SL, I would have to say that it's Truth Hawkes and his amazing hair styles.  A hairstyle sets the tone, attitude and atmosphere for you.  It is the beginning of an outfit or the perfect finishing touch to make that outfit totally dazzle.  Without it, you have just an outfit but with the hair being just right, you have a LOOK.  That is what Truth Hawkes seems to have realized from the beginning.  His styles have always been the leader in what is in and what is hot.  His creations are wonderfully detailed and wildly popular across the grid but, for a very good reason.  He gives the women what they want and what they want is fabulous hair, Truth delivers this continually.
So in honor of Truth Hawkes and his wonderful hairstyles, I went through my Truth folder and pulled out a few that are my favorites.  Choosing was not easy and that folder is VERY large but, I gave it my best shot.  lol

Aurora - Oasis w/roots

Aloha - Caramel

Blake - Seaspray Streaked

Felecia w/Roots Mesh - Swedish

Valeska - Platinum

Andrea - Oasis

So drop by Truth Hair soon, enjoy the fantastic styles and pick up your next hot look!

*Big thank you to the Mayfair sim, on putting together a fully mesh sim that looks so incredible!*

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