Sunday, September 2, 2012

Hunting for BonBon

A little bored, I noticed an announcement on Tumblr for a hunt over at [BB]bonbon.  The items they were showing were cute and caught my eyes fairly quickly, especially the Marilyn Monroe pieces (yes, I'm a fan of hers).  Popping over there, I realized that the hunt was not only super easy but, they were labelled well so I could pick and choose which pieces I really wanted.  The hunt is not a free one, each hunt gift does cost 30L but all items are mesh so it's a good deal.  There is a large picture at the front door with all the pieces numbered so that you can grab what you want.

I picked up a total of 5 pieces, the bag, skirt and top were each in separate hunt gifts.

Shopping list:
[BB]bonbon  Marina Strapless Dress Mesh
                     V2 Hem Dress
                     White Ruffled Mini Skirt Mesh
                     Marilyn Monroe Punk'd
                     Marilyn Monroe Travel Bag
D!va  Chika4 Style - Type A - Cat's eye color
Chop Zuey  Gift Chanson Eternelle Earrings and necklace
Glam Affair  Cassiopea - Jamaica tone from TDR
Glam Affair mainstore

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