Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Time To Stock Up!

As with everyone, I have my own personal favorite stores that I love to shop at.  They are the ones that when they put their items on sale, I will be there; stocking up my inventory with all the goodies that I have wanted but, was saving my Lindens up for.  These are the stores where you will see me splurge with happy glee, giggling as I find all the things that I have been aching for.
Elikatira is one of those stores.  I love the styles, quality and look of the hair from there.  My hair folder is packed with many of the styles from there, including some classics from the ETD days.  You can imagine my happy happy joy filled feeling when I found out that the yearly 70% off sale had begun on the 17th and goes till Oct. 1st.  Yes, it was laggy and yes, it did take quite a bit of time to move around to get everything I wanted but, I did get my "I want..." list filled well, including some of her scrumptious boots that I have been eying for a bit. 
The prices range from 66L - 84L for single color hair packs and 400L for full fat packs.  Personally, I love either the warm blonde packs or the Essentials Packs, which contain 2 colors from each color tone pack. (Gives me some nice choices for different outfits if I don't want to just go blonde all the time.)  The price differences are based on if the hair is flexi or mesh, with mesh being a little more.
For the boots and shoes (she has pumps and flats as well), the price I seen was 60L for each pair or 480 for the fat pack.  Sadly, I didn't get the fat pack which I regretted after purchasing a couple of different colors.  I realized that I loved them so much, I really would have used all the colors easily and 480L is a steal.
The top I'm wearing in the pictures, is from Sassy! who is at the Acid Lily Fashion Gallery, where everything is 70L or under.  There is quite a nice little selection and they have a couple of dollarbies and a group gift there as well.  Well worth popping over and taking a peek at, in my opinion.







Secret boots

Shopping list:
Elikatira - Wherever - Essential pack
                Spark - Essentials Pack
                Rhythm - Warm Blondes Pack
                Over - Essentials Pack
                Figure - Essential Pack
                Daffodil - Essential Pack
Blah. - My Pink Heart Necklace PRF hunt gift
Inca Temple - Neophyte choker and earrings
*ByKay* Jewelry - Necklace (free gift) on Marketplace only now.
Filthy - Jasmine - Ivory Tone 05 (previously blogged)
Acid Lily Fashion Gallery - Sassy! - Venus mesh Top - spring green

oOo Photostudio - Free group gift (previously blogged)

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