Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Free for all!

Do you ever get a day where you feel like you need to do a little something new?  Give yourself a challenge or goal to accomplish just because it would be interesting to see where you could go with it?  Yes, I was having one of those days and decided to see what I could do with 0L. 
Thankfully I do know where to go and how to look around for nice, quality items.  That did help alot in accomplishing the goal I set for myself.  I also have to admit, things really have changed in the way of quality items for free, across the grid.  I still cringe at the newbie pictures I have from my first days..and I thought I was so in.  Seriously, why didn't someone slap me?
Anyways, I headed over to Al Vulo to grab the nice new group gift skin that is out now.  Julia is very fashion forward in appearance and the detail on this skin is beautiful.  After that, a quick drop by C'est la Vie was in order, to check out the lucky boards.  Yes, the letter L came up pretty quick and I snagged myself a cute feather tshirt dress.  The foot apparel was a little more of a issue, till LiL Miss put a super hot pair of boots in group notices..big Thank You for these hotties!  Hair tends to be out there but you do have to know where to look.  Truth District has a cute number out for group members, called Becky; which comes in a huge fatpack full of all their colors, with a color change hairband in the hair.
IKON use to be known as Fashism and when the store was closed, many of the eyes were given away in a group I had belonged in at that time.  Using a cute brown pair, my girl looks hot!  I'll let you decide though on how I made out and did on my little challenge.
**A little note about IKON:  They still have group gifts of their amazing eyes, which comes out the very first weekend of each month but, only for that weekend.**
**All groups mentioned here are free to join, so no cost goes to joining fees for any of these items.**

Shopping List:
C'est La Vie! - Dip hem Tshirt Dress (feather pink) lucky board
Al Vulo  - Julia [intense night] group gift
LiL Miss - Burlesque Boots - Group gift in notices
Truth District - Becky hair fatpack - Truth District Gift
IKON - Fashism eyes, which is now rebranded to IKON

Prop - Barn poses prop from BENT

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