Sunday, September 16, 2012

Purple Moon Deals!

I blame Kindra for this!  She did it all!  She brought me over to Purple Moon to ogle the deals and I feel in love all over, with the store.  There are some stores that are just a weakness of mine and Purple Moon is way at the top for me.  I have a weakness, I admit it; for gorgeous things and I never seem to NOT find oodles of items to drool over, at the store.  For some reason though, I wasn't going on the weekends, so I was missing out on their weekend deals there.  No more I say!  Weekends are now a must stop visit over there, to not only oogle the clothes but to pick up some super cute and hot items! 

Yes, I found deals!  I also found out that the group is now only 50L to join so I did.  For the amazing gifts that come out frequently, the 50L is more than well spent in my opinion.  Jump over, take a peek and yes, join the group for some of the most wonderfully made items on the grid!
**Side note here!  Just as I was logging off, I received a notice for the Filthy skins I love to wear.  For one week, the skins are going to be 50% off!!  This is including her new releases as well, so don't wait too long to go over and pick up some really amazing, high quality and gorgeous skin for yourself, before the sale is over!**

Shopping list:
Purple Moon - (in order shown) Manager's Choice #76 55L
                        Manager's choice #80 60L
                        Elwing Gown in Gold - 17000 Members group gift (50L to join group)
Filthy - Alexandra - Fair tone 
[[LD]] Cosmetics - Lux Lips - Ruby
Truth - Briony Light blonde pack - Seaspray w/roots

oOo Poses Photostudio - Previous group gift
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