Sunday, September 23, 2012

Elegance on a Budget

As many know, gowns can put you back quite a bit in Lindens, with the cost going over 1K easily for a high quality, beautifully created dress.  The problem with that is, many just cannot afford to drop that amount of money for a creation.  Why though do you really have to go completely without?  Dancing is a wonderful and enjoyable pass time and you want to look your best when you do it, especially if you are heading to a more romantic and formal area.  On that note, Paris Metro, AZUL and Chrysalis are three stores that are not only owned by some very talented people but, very generous as well for the wonderful gifts they give out each month.  Each have their own groups, which cost nothing to join and they all give out gifts regularly.  Paris Metro and Chrysalis also give out special gifts on certain occasions for their group member during the month, besides the monthly gift.  I do recommend not only joining them but, staying in them for the amazing specials, deals, sales and gifts that occur during the month.

Paris Metro Thank you gift

Azul September group gift

Chrysalis September Group gift
 For the Paris Metro gift, I'm unsure on how long it will be out for but the gift is there today, so I do suggest dropping by as soon as you can to pick that gorgeous gown up before it's gone.

Shopping list:
Paris Metro  - Sorbet Gown Emerald - Thank you gift
AZUL - September Group Gift
Chrysalis - September Group Gift
[elikatira] - Rhythm - Blonde 07 *previously blogged*
Filthy - Kiona Pale tone *previously blogged*

Sim - Humanoid
Poses:  Status Poses
            BENT Simply Pack

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