Saturday, September 22, 2012

Free is always good!

Everyone loves to get something nice without a high cost or even free.  After doing the last free look, I figured it would be fun to do it again.  As it turns out, the timing was great since Truth, Huit and Opium has released some great gifts since my last post.  So here I go again, with another free look. 
Truth, on occasion; does release a really nice hair gift and yesterday one was sent out thru the subscribo.  It's a short, sassy look that is versatile for a variety of different looks.  The gift contains a full fatpack, all the different colors that Truth has available.
HUIT also released a new skin gift that is delicate and gentle looking that has a sweet, innocent aura about it.  The skin is a bit paler than what I normally wear but the detailing and look of her is so appealing that I still like it quite a bit.
Last but not least, there is Opium who has several different gifts in the store for people.  The dress is a cute group gift that has 2 dresses available in it, both of which are mesh.  The shoes were the only thing that actually did cost me some lindens, 10L to be exact but, that is such a low cost it's a steal.
**A special note:  A huge thank you to Pandora for her amazing gift, the room divider w/poses.  They poses are fantastic and it was wonderful to work with!**

Shopping list:
HUIT - Group Gift skin
Truth - Sam Oasis tone - Free Subscribo gift
Opium - Mesh Circus Dress - Group Gift
              Extreme Ankle Boots - Group promo sale 10L

Prop - E+TeR3@L - Sakura Room Divider in Burgundy
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