Thursday, August 23, 2012

Yippee! Sales!

I admit, I was bored for the last few days.  The sales have been nice but, nothing has been really jumping out at me or really pulling me to it.  I even did a little bit of a hunt, with half-hearted effort which is not normal for me regarding hunts.  I guess you could say I have had a case of the SL blahs! 
That changed though, yesterday!  The joy!  The happiness!  It all returned thanks to TWO stores that I love!  Catwa has a BOGO sale going on right now and coldLogic is 50% off till Labour day!  Yes, I went beelining over to both, filled my little SL piggy bank with some Lindens and found some great creations to squeal and drool over.  My computer even played nice for me and worked for once when I took the pictures.  So much so, I'm not going to even touch them up a little bit.  Ha!  Take that you pinsnickery thing!

A big thanks to Tea Time Mainstore for decorating her sim in such a wonderful way!  It set the background perfectly for this photo set!

Shopping list:
Catwa  Vivienne Hairstyle
             Mesh Ericka Hairstyle 
             BOGO sale  250L for one from the New section and the 2nd free with store credit
coldLogic  shorts - breslin brown
                 skirt - hemlock khaki
                 top - gertz salmon
                 hache cocoa   Half off sale till Labour Day  (100-125L each)
**izm group gift nap basket (previous gift)
The Black Market FTLO group gift - Vintage Travel Bag Mesh
CandyDoll Leona skin (Previously blogged)
IKON  Utopia Eyes Light blue and rust
Sim - **Tea Time** Mainstore
[tea.s] poses 
STaTUS Poses
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