Monday, August 20, 2012

Paper.Doll Reopening Mini Hunt

Yay!  Paper.Doll has reopened her store with a fresh new look that is customer friendly, easy to navigate and looks great!  In celebration of the new store and opening, there is a little mini hunt that is going on right at this time.  4 shopping bags have been set out with some cute items in each one, all priced at 0L, so no group is needed to do this hunt.

The three dresses are mesh and wonderfully fitted.  The lingerie set is cute and sweet looking and a must have to every girl to have in her inventory, just because it's that pretty.  lol

Shopping list:
Paper.Doll Mini Hunt gifts - Dalia: Hot Pink
                                          Perry: Hot Pink
                                          Strapless Sundress: Rosebuds
                                          Tshirt Undies: Cherry
Truth - Valeska Streaked w/Roots - seaspray
CandyDoll Leona skin (previously blogged)
{*Aglaia*} - Eastern Delight Necklace and earrings (only on Marketplace)
BehaviourBody Animations - Hall Prop
[tea.s] - single pose
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