Sunday, August 19, 2012

I ❤ Tentacio!

Today was one of those days where I was racking my brain and looking around for something interesting to blog about.  Looking through my nc's, I finally came across May Tolson's note card for Tentacio.  Looking through the pictures, I realized that since I love her creations, why not blog about them.
I have several things of hers already but, I was in the mood to go shopping, so shopping I did go and had a blast doing it!  Her items are very detailed, well fitting, very fashion forward and the prices are fantastic!

After wandering through her store and finding some goodies to drool over, I went home and tried out everything!  I do look like I'm ready for going out, having fun and looking great but, in the end the pieces that seemed to fit my mood and the time of day for me was the lingerie set and the comfy cardigan that won the day!  In the end, I went with a relaxed mood for home but wow, do I ever look hot chillaxin!

Shopping list:
Tentacio - Moira Dress: One in Black and one in Cream (2 pack for 90L)@Fashion Quotes
                Nina Sweet Bag  70L
                Degraded Cardigan Purple  70L
                Vanity Lingerie Pink  70L
Truth  - Bunny w/roots Seaspray  250L
Elikatira - Away Blonde 07  250L (essential pack)
CandyDoll - Leona Cream Zodiac Event (At main store now at regular price now)  750L now
Glitterati - Shopaholic's Closet prop - Freebie
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