Saturday, August 25, 2012

Lotus Rain

There is a number of stores that are synonymous with the words, sleek elegance, classic designs and fashion forward creations.  Chrysalis is one of these stores, that fits those words with ease and grace.  I do admit that at this point in my Second Life, I do not go out as much as I use to and I rarely wear elegant ballgowns or dresses anymore, unlike in my earlier days but, I do have a weakness for them still.  I enjoy seeing creations that make me stare in appreciation and wonder at how talented and ingenious designers can be with their work.  Therefore when Chrysalis announced that her Lotus Rain dress was available for free as a group gift, I didn't hesitate to go over and pick up this beautiful creation.
While planning out how I was going to shoot the picture, I decided that I wanted to do something a little different, create a photo for it that had an air of mystery to it.  I went around looking for a mask that would give me what I wanted but, found that I was not quite locating what I wanted.  Thankfully my sister had just the thing to assist me with what I was looking for.  Xtain created the mask in the photo for this photo, giving the picture both an air of mystery and elegance that complimented the dress beautifully.  A giant thank you Xtain for your hard work!

I picked Humanoid  for taking the photo at, since the sim has so many areas and themes available to work with.  Created by Wendy Xeno, it's a photographers dream come true with an amazing array of looks, appearances and quality that makes taking photos there, a photographers dream come true!

Shopping list:
Chrysalis Lotus Rain minidress (group gift)
Chop Zuey  Tabula Rasa Earrings (group gift)
[elikatira]  Found - Blonde 07 (Collarbo88 88L)
2 Girls 1 Prim  Mask w/feathers (not out yet)
BENT Poses 
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