Monday, August 27, 2012

Morning Coffee!

Traveling around this morning, I realized that a coffee was in high order for my brain.  Now where to grab the best cup of coffee for the morning?  Well, where else but over at the Pixel Bean Coffeehouse!  I know Harlow will fix me right up with a great cuppa with my book, to help me wake up in the perfect way.
Sauntering over to the Pixel Bean, I stand for a few moments and enjoy just looking at the fantastic new building the coffeehouse is now housed in.  All mesh, it's gorgeous and welcoming at the same time..home away from home atmosphere welcomes you immediately.
Now just to figure out what will fully wake me up..a latte?  Maybe an espresso?  Or possibly just a regular cup of coffee?  I'll leave that to Harlow, she'll know what will do the trick for a zombie sleep walker.
While I wait for the coffee to brew up, I do a little wandering around; debating on the perfect spot to sit down, enjoy my coffee and book at.  It's never quite an easy decision, since there is just so many fantastic spots to enjoy and each one peaceful and scenic.  Geesh Harlow, you didn't make this really that easy, did you?  Every where you go here, is the perfect spot!
Ahhhh!  The patio is always wonderful to enjoy, just under the large oak tree and listening to nature waking up with you.  Perfect spot...check!  Great book...check!  Fantastic cup of coffee...oops, drank that one a little too fast!  Guess it's time for another one!

A big giant thank you to Harlow Heslop for letting me use the Pixel Bean Coffeehouse for this shoot.  Drop by, check the sim out and the schedule for the poetry readings that they host there, they really are amazing.

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            Cafe Berry
           Unicorn revenant
[elikatira]  Away - Blonde 07
Pink Inc.  The Beach Girl Earrings Gold (free gift)
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