Thursday, February 16, 2012

Valentine's is past but....

I know, Valentine's is done and over with right?  Well, in my case the feelings from my friends and family still linger.  As those near and dear to me know, I wasn't really looking forward to Valentine's and I had planned on completely ignoring it as best as possible.  I think it was my oldest son who started the ball rolling, in my not doing exactly that.  With a thoughtful gift of some chocolate truffles (yes, my favorite weakness) a huge hug and his whispered words, that I was his valentine and always would be, my Valentine's day started. (A little side note here:  He's 18 and has a cute little girlfriend.  Whoever marries him, is very blessed...and yes I'm biased)
What followed then was friends and family wishing a happy V day with heart filled wishes and caring.  By the way everyone, I love you all for being the amazing people you are.
Then my dear friend Laila wished me a happy Valentine's day and gave me a gift that made me smile, to end the day properly.  She picked up Severed Garden's cute little Valentine's day special morning set with a cute pair of pj's with a bunch of sweet accessories.  There is a waffle dripping butter, a teddy, slippers, a pillow, a little eye cover, a heart tattoo, a cup of coffee and of course the pj's.  All she said was to take some pictures of I did.  I admit, I was giggling and having a thank you Laila for the smile, which was a great gift on this day.

As you can see, I was having some fun here.  As for the styling information, here we go:
Eliktario Abbey hair -previously blogged
Mynerva Sara Pure skin - previously blogged
Severed Garden - Good Morning V Day special set (still available)
Here is the taxi for the inworld store

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