Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Paris Metro Couture CAH Gift!

I've always loved Paris Metro's styles and gowns.  They are elegant, beautifully detailed and amazing to wear.  Whenever they are in a hunt, I admit I do hop over and look for the gift they have, since it's always of great quality.
Once more they are participating in the CAH and once again, they did not fail to astound me with the fabulous gift they have out for the hunt.  The Goddess Angel Passion gown is just that..fit for a Goddess and you cannot fail to look like one in it.  It comes with in a gorgeous purple and includes wings and a very pretty halo!

Goddess Angel Passion Gown (CAH gift)
As you can see, the gown moves fabulously and I had no actual adjusting to do for it to fit me perfectly.  So start doing a little searching (btw, it was easy to find) and pick this angelic creation up!
**Another side note:  Vegas Honeymoon hunt gift is also available at the same location.***

Style information:
Paris Metro Couture - Goddess Angel Passion gown - CAH gift
Heartsick - Misaki Hibiscus Skin - Muse tone (Valentine's special offer)
D!va - 2000 Member group gift hair - Naomi tone
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