Sunday, February 19, 2012

52 Week Color Challenge Part Deux - Week 8 - Dark Raspberry

Sunshine and fresh air has always brought the child out in me.  The fresh crisp morning air filling my lungs and the bright sun, kissing my skin warmly stirred that child in me this fine morning.  Without hesitation, I gave my bestie a quick call, the sound of her drowsy voice telling me that she had just woken up and the ire in her voice letting me know that I had better have a great reason for the early morning call.  Without giving her too many details, I informed her that we were going to enjoy the day with a little expedition and to be ready in about an hour.  Slipping my cell back into my pretty raspberry trousers and drapping my jacket over my shoulder, I walked over to Ol' Man Murphy's house. 
The great thing about Mr. Murphy was his kindness, friendly personality and that whenever I felt nostalgic, he was a great sport in letting me borrow his antique car.  I had always treated it with utmost respect so I was one of the few who could take it out for a little spin and today was a great day for the old girl to get some air.
I had always loved driving that car on days like this, bringing back memories of days long past on Boblo Island, which had been the local areas' amusement park.  I would spend hours on the antique car ride, driving past the old dance pavilion as music piped through the open doors.
After a brief social visit with Mr. Murphy, sharing a quick tea and neighbourhood gossip, I was leisurely traveling down the road, bouncing around a bit since the car was made before shocks were invented.  In fact, when this beauty had been assembled there was no such thing as manual anything, so turning into Laila's driveway was a workout of muscles and a bit of straining to make the corner.
The surprise and disbelief on Laila's face was priceless when she caught sight of the car pulling up.  Jumping out of the car, I walked over and with a big smile on my face, told her "Surprise!"  Yes, there was a bit of time spent convincing her after that and some dragging to get her into the car, which I had left running while I "coaxed" her into the car.  I do have to admit, the cute little floral outfit that she was sporting; was well suited for climbing up into the vehicle and those sweet heels thankfully had not proven to dig well into the gravel driveway when I had to pull her over to the car, thankfully.
Jumping into the drivers seat and shifting it into gear before Laila could change her mind and jump out, I had the car in reverse and moving back down the driveway.  Within moments, we were travelling down the road enjoying the scenery (well, I was) when I noticed her examining the interior of the car with a dubious look on her face.  Glancing over, I gave her  a quizzical look.  Noting that I was glancing at her, she finally let out a soft breath like she had been holding it for the last minute and finally said, "I was just wondering if this is really safe or if we are about to blow up".  Laughing at her, I continued our drive, outlining my idea of the adventure ahead of us.  A nice drive in the country, enjoying the scenery to pop over to the next town for a quick lunch, a nice drive down main street to wave at friends who were out to enjoy the weather and then home later on.
It didn't take long for us to see the town we were heading for, in the distance and by this point of the drive.  Laila looked a little relieved at the sight, since the jostling of the car seemed to be loosening the curls in her once carefully coifed hair and her hands looked tired, from holding onto the door so tightly.  Shooting a glance in my direction, I could tell she was swearing that this was the last time she was going to let me plan an outting. 
Chuckling to myself, I crossed over the bypass and in a few minutes was turning into the ice cream parlor just off main street, for our sweet treat.  The parlour was the old fashioned style, with a sign that was painted over the door and a bell that rang as we entered it.  We ordered our ice cream and took our seats at a quaint cafe table and matching chairs that were located next to the large front window, so we could people watch. 
It took very little time to down our ice cream as we chatted about styles and fashions that we loved and our favorite boutiques.  It turned out that both of our outfits had come mainly from Ricielli and that she was in love with my jacket from Sweetest Goodbye.  Our friendship had started over our love of shopping and talking about it, so it was natural that was the main topic of many of our conversations.
Finishing off our little indulgences, we went back out to the car, Laila's expression showing some trepidation on returning what she was now terming as the "teeth rattling ride from hell".   Jumping into the car, I pulled the parking brake up and pushed the timing lever near the steering wheel, then adjusted the hand throttle down a bit.  Jumping back out, I pulled the choke lever to prime the engine.  Looking over the hood of the car, I noticed the look on Laila's face as she watched me go through the motions of getting the old car started.  Giving her a sheepish grin, I yelled out that this is how they had to start cars back then, with the crank and a few other tasks to get them going.  Walking back to the drivers side, I reached in and turned the key into the on position and pulled the crank from behind the seat.  Sliding it into place, I cupped the handle and gave a half crank and jumped back when the handle popped back.  Nothing.  Frowning slightly, I double checked everything I had done and tried the crank again.  Still nothing.  By this point, Laila had come out and was looking with some concern at the car, "Is there a problem?"  Glancing over my shoulder, I shook my head and gave the crank another turn, jumping back fast to avoid the snap back of the crank. 
What should have been a clean jump turned into a pile of arms and legs when I jumped directly onto Laila, who had moved a little closer; to whatch what I was doing.  After a few moments of cursing, (I sure didn't know Laila knew some of those words) grunting and groaning, we finally untangled ourselves to see that the car still stood there...doing nothing.  It was at this time, that we noticed that clouds had crept up and white flakes were drifting lazily down from the skies.  Shaking my head, my eyes locked on the car that was refusing to do what I wanted it to, running through all the steps in my head as snow started to fall a little more heavily down on us. 
Finally admitting defeat, I called Ol' Man Murphy to ask for some advise.  After a brief exchange of words and looking fairly sheepish, I walked over to the drivers side and turned the key the full way.  The car started up right away.  Glancing over to Laila, I mumbled that we were ready to go now.  Giving me an arched look as she climbed in the car, she asked the question I was dreading, "So, what happened?"
Looking over at her, my cheeks bright red by now, I mumbled softly, "Ol' Man Murphy changed the starter so it's now electric.  The crank doesn't work on it anymore."  Turning my head quickly and huncheing my shoulders up, I slide the car into gear and quickly turned onto the road.  Hearing laughter next to me, I finally chanced a glance over at Laila who was now holding her sides and laughing her head off.  Within seconds, my own laughter joined hers and we continued on our travels down main street, waving and laughing as we enjoyed the rest of the day, snow and all.

Style Information:
R.icielli  - Germanotta Highwaist pants/violet
Glam Affair  - FFL Group Gift - Primula Pink top
Sweetest Goodbye - 4 minute Jacket/navy
N-core - Sense XtremeHeel Group gift
Elikatira - Lasting - Blonde 07
MOCK - Persian Plum Lip Gel
Filth January Group Gift Skin

For the style information on what Laila is wearing, here is your taxi to her site! And no, I'm not going to make you drive over with the classic

(added style information later, due to the fact that I forgot to grab the lm's for the stores...duh! on my
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