Saturday, February 18, 2012

It's Sunny at Sunflowers!

Why is it so nice and sunny over at Sunflowers?  Because Drew Sunflower has released some new skins in her store.  She's a new designer who is showing some promising talent with skins, which are delicate looking, nicely shaded and quite pretty to see.  She has different options available in the packages, with cleavage or if you are looking for without cleavage or a nice A cup option.  There is also a variety of different shades of makeup you can choose from, from the vendors. 
There is also skins that come with teeth showing, so that you can show off those pearly whites.  You have choices of different makeup to choose from as well in those lines, along with the cleavage options.  I took a few pictures of some of the makeup choices in the Tina line, so you can see for yourself how well done these skins look.

Tina Skin Line
While doing the photos for this, I also figured I would see what a MOCK lipstick would look like and if it would fit nicely on the skins.  So I popped one on and guess what?!  Lip size2 fit wonderfully from the lipstain line.  (yeah, I'm a Mocklet and really addicted to Mockie's makeup

Sweet Coral Lipstain Size #2 with Sunshine's Tina skin line

So pop on over and check out these wonderful skins!  They are simply too sweet to miss and the prices are very reasonable.

Style Information:
Sunshine Skins Tina Line w/cleavage option used.
Elikatira Abbey Hair in Blonde 07 (previously blogged)
Mock Sweet Coral Lipstain (last picture on the bottom)
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