Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Bohemian Styling!

Just the word "bohemian" brings fond memories and a smile to my face.  In University, four very close friends rented a one bedroom apartment and bought a cheap couch with a pullout bed.  We were broke most of the time, stressed with studies and homework but, it was the best times of our lives.  To relieve the stress from school, my favorite places to go was a little second hand shop that bordered on the eclectic, that was just down the road from the apartment.  The things I found in that little shop were pure treasures to me and the fact that they were super cheap made their value in my eyes, priceless.  My enthusiasm for wearing the most interesting, fun and sometimes wild things, became quickly adopted by my fellow roommates.  It became a normal sight with us walking to school or to the local pub, in some of the most eclectic items that could be found, in that second hand shop.  In honor of those wonderful times, I have put together an outfit that is reminiscent of the look I had so much fun with.

As in those days, I did have some shopping to do in some quaint shops and had a wonderful time sorting through many goodies.   I've also included the prices I paid and what was a gift so that you can see that I really did relive the good ol' days, even in the savings.  lol
For the proper atmosphere, I went looking for a cute little coffee shop to help set the mood and found a really comfy, cozy one in the Albatross Coffee House.
Style information:
Duh! Spring Flats - black - 20L(?)
IKON Sunrise Eyes - Celtic Green - Group Gift
[Raspberry] Chai Anxiety Hair - Subscribo gift - Blonde Chiffon
MOCK - eShadow Dark Purple Winterberry - Valentine Hunt Gift 
Heartsick Romance Juliet Skin - Group Gift
Boho Hobo - Crushed Velvet Coat - (on sale) 55L
Boho Hobo - Big hoop earrings(red) - free gift
Boho Hobo - Houndstooth Capris- 55L
JANE - Intristic Tank - Gr. Celery - Free gift pack of 31 tanks
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