Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Vero Modero Group Gift

Vero Modero has come out with the perfect group gift for May, an uber cute short set with a matching bracelet.  The outfit helps bring us forward into the season, with it's bright pop of pink and the soft tones of grey mixed together, giving it not only a stylish look but, also a comfortable look that is versatile.  There is no cost to join the group for the store and you can also pick up the gifts from previous months that are located in the gift area.
I big thanks to Xtain for helping me find a pose that fit my mood and a giant wave out to Pilar for having a gorgeous boat house at his home, for me to highjack for the photo.

Putting the look together:
Vero Modero - Female May Group Gift
Truth - Cyanne w/roots - caramel (temporary location while they renovate)
Aeva//Heartsick - Swan - Tone 3//Birthday Cake (previous lazy sunday deal)
[MOCK] Mariellis Triple Pack Lipcolors (TRPH gift) - Bubblegum Cabaret

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