Monday, May 20, 2013

Back with The Runway Perfect Hunt

It's been quite some time since I was able to blog.  Thankfully, RL has let up enough for me to actually log on long enough to find some goodies and I'm also coming back with a brand new computer!  (Thank you to my amazing kids who gave it to me for Mother's day!)  Now for a little fun, with pictures that are much nicer than what my older computer was able to do.  Yay once more for fantastic children!
I decided to pick and choose stores on The Runway Perfect Hunt, since the gifts for this time around are 5L each.  The stores that are my favorites in the hunt are MOCK, Purplemoon, WetCat, Pure Poison, Evolve, SEQUOIASTYLE, Possession and Ma Vie.  Looking thru the hunt site though, I am considering going to a couple of more while the hunt is still going, that look really interesting, so stay tuned on which ones I end up wandering over to.

I admit, I'm totally in love with the gifts that I found in the hunt.  Very well made, gorgeous and glamorous are words that fit them all.   Just a quick note though for the shoes that I used in the pictures.  The Evolve gift did come with matching shoes for the outfit (top photo) but I admit to being a total N-core nut so those are what I ended up using in the photos.
To find the rest of the stores that are in the hunt, just pop over to The Runway Perfect Hunt website for the list and links to all the stores.

What I used:
::PM:: Margot Pencil Skirt [MESH] 4 color pack
PP Runaway Earrings in Gold and Silver pairs
EVOLVE Let it Shine dress w/shoes and hat included.
(I used different shoes due to personal taste)
SEQUOIASTYLE Let it shine Accessories(bracelet, earrings and sunglasses)
Both stores located directly across from each other
[MOCK] Mariellis Triple Pack Lipcolors (used Firebrick tone) w/Guyliner included in prize as well

Wet Cat "BackStage Glamour" Prop (Vanity table and clothes rack)
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