Sunday, August 19, 2012

Ricielli Glamour hunt

While wandering around, I popped over to Ricielli's and found that a new hunt was underway.  The items you are searching for is large diamonds and it's a very simple and easy hunt through the stores.  Each item is 15L but, there is a large poster that shows what is in each number, so you can pick and choose what you would like to pick up.  You have jackets, dresses, tops, purses, skins and makeup to choose from!

Shopping list:
Ricielli  Blake Jacket in Gold  15L
           YUSE Bag(Half Snake) Mesh  15L
           Black sequined mini dress 15L
           ELIZA high waisted pants/chocco  50L
D!va  Chika4 Cat's eye 150L
MOCK  Glitter Pop eShadow (October Rust) (Available at Black Market 100L)
N-Core  Group Gift Coquette Platform "Wild Edition"
Aeva//Heartsick Vintage Fair Phoebe skin (Previously blogged)
Di's Opera  Fauna Seat (Available at Limited Edition 120L)
[elikatira]  Found (Essential Pack) Blonde 07 88L (available at Collarbor88 for limited time)
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