Friday, August 17, 2012

Mesh or not to Mesh

I do admit to some reluctance when mesh first came out and I found that it just didn't seem to fit in any areas properly, regardless of the alpha layer.  That was awhile ago and mesh has firmly risen since that time in popularity, on the grid.  I was lucky in that I was told about the free Standard sizing package available on the marketplace.  A package with the size measurements for the different sizes that mesh comes in, that quite a few designers use when creating their mesh items.
With a new love of mesh, I wandered the grid and started discovering some fantastic items that I can now pick up and enjoy!  Pink Inc was discovered on one of those wanderings.  The prices are remarkably reasonable and the work is really fantastic.  Since it's Friday, I also enjoyed some great sales with the Fifty Linden Friday sales, finding a great hair over at Clawtooth that fit my new outfit I picked up over at Pink Inc.

Yes, I ended up in a cute beatnik style, which I'm loving and having a great time with.  The glasses are from Willow, which will be closing at the end of August, so don't wait too long to pick those up.  (Yes, they are mesh as well!)

Shopping list:
Pink Inc.   Girls Night out Mesh Mini Skirt Camel 95L
                 Studded Mesh Tank Chocolate  50L
Clawtooth  Bon Voyage pack Wheat/Dreamy 50L
Willow @ Tableau  Mesh Peace Shades Yellow 25L  (Store closing Aug. 31st)
Aeva//Heartsick  Vanity fair skin Phoebe 750L
IKON Horizon Eyes V2 - Deep Silver  (previously blogged)

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