Monday, August 13, 2012

Finally back!

I'm finally back in SL again, after an extended absence.  RL sort of kept me fairly busy for a few months and due to that, everything that is SL was put on the back burner.  I do admit, a few months away and things really do change quite a bit inworld.
For my very first post, I figure I would do something a little different.  While lurking in one of the groups I'm in, I noticed the ladies talking about a store that I admit that I was not overly familiar with.  It seems that Rotten Toe had been afk for a little bit there as well, from what was being said in chat and that she was back also.  Feeling curious, I popped over and enjoyed a leisurely stroll thru her store, checking out the creations and prices.  The store is more geared towards gothic style, which is not my normal style, which would be the reason of my lack of knowing her but, the prices and creations were both very appealing.  I grabbed a cute dress from the Victorian decay collection and jumped over to HairArt, which was doing a great introductory price on the fantasy bundle of her latest hair.  (Timing could not have been more perfect!)
Now please bear with me with the pictures, since my computer seems to now have some issues taking photos for some reason.

The pictures are not up to the usual quality that I use to have previously but you get the idea.  Hopefully I'll be able to work out the issue soon and have fantastic pictures once more.

Shopping list:
Rotten Toe  Victorain decay collection 35L
HairARt  Isbet II Fantasy pack 25L
Pink Fuel Flagship  Ember Skin (Honey) Set 1 Pack 300L

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