Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Flickr Has Changed...Alot!

Normally I don't do posts about anything but Second Life Fashion, so this posting is a big departure from the norm for me, so please bare with me. 

Approximately two days ago Flickr updated and made some major changes to their site that has brought about a huge uproar with their customers.  To say that the site has changed is an understatement, since it no longer resembles the Flickr that many knew and had grown to love.  The design is completely different, maneuvering about it....well the pathways are not the same at all and they have a black background now, instead of the clean white one that they had previously.  For some, that background is an issue in seeing the darker photos because they don't show up as well as say a lighter photo does now.  Many are complaining about the fact that they cannot seem to get their photos organized, like they had them previously and basically they hate all the changes that have been done.  Going through a thread regarding the changes, you see post after post of very unhappy customers, many demanding they have the option of going back to the old way or in the narkier comments, just plainly threatening to take their toys from the sandbox and leave. 

Not all are upset or unhappy with the new site though.  In between the upset individuals, you will see a few posts of people who are enjoying the new site, the layout and the way the photos look.  I do admit, the higher resolution for the photos is amazing and I'm seeing pictures that I though previously as meh, now they are more of a wow in my eyes.  The downside to the higher resolution site, with the fancier look is that the customers with older computers and older graphic cards are going to have some issues even logging onto Flickr.
There are a number of different blogs out regarding the different changes right now but the one that stuck with me the most was by Strawberry Singh, who in my opinion said everything that needed to be said about the new site.  Her post is very well thought out, she gives the pros and cons of the new design perfectly and I think she covered everything perfectly.
Regardless of what happens, I'm personally going to stick with my Flickr account for the community that is there, though finding them now amongst the massive photos is a little more of a challenge than it use to be. 
For those in Second Life who find that they either do not like the setup of the new site or they just find they have way too much trouble with logging onto it because of the demands on their computers, there is alternatives for us.  Though Koinup is not as well known as Flickr but, it's a site that is set up specifically for virtual worlds with a great community as well and the layout is very similar to the old Flickr.  (Yes, I have an account there as well, in fact that is where I first started before I joined Flickr.)  Just a side note though, they are strict about porn and excessive nudity, so do read those guidelines before you join, if you decide to go that route.

As for my advice to Flickr (which is not solicited but I'm giving it anyways), personally I would suggest that they bring back the Pro accounts with the unlimited space,  the stats, no ads and let them have the ability to choose, on if they wish to stick with the new layout or go back to the old one.  What I heard from many is that they wanted the versatility the the previous site had, which the new site seems to lack.  Many had their streams organized and set up that suited their business, which they don't seem to be able to do with the latest version of Flickr.
I heard many complaining about the dark backgrounds as well...give them the option to have a light background.  Some of the work on the site has been done with the light background in mind, which showed off their work better.  The dark background can and does drown out some of those photos, which is upsetting for those who worked so hard to create their wonderful works.
For those who have an older computer or not the bandwidth to deal well with the higher resolution pictures, give them the option to use a lower level of resolution.  I have been on different sites which that is a normal and basic option given, so why not give it to your customers as well? 

Here ends my little departure from the normal fun SL Fashions.  Normalcy will now commence as soon as I find another goodie to show off!
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