Tuesday, September 11, 2012

One Scoop or Two?

I love Ice Cream.  It gives me images of warm sunshine streaming through tree tops as you sit on a bench, with a soft breeze dancing lightly over your skin as you enjoy a refreshing scoop of butterscotch ripple. (Hey, I love that one and always order it).  I found that I also love another Ice Cream now, the Ice Cream hunt over at *Shine* Avenue Mall.  It's an easy, cute and fun hunt, where you look for bowls of ice cream, for some terrific gifts!  I did the hunt in about half an hour and came away with some great items to enjoy.  The bowls are marked for 0L, so no group is required for this hunt. 

A few mentionables that should be mentioned here:
Izzie's Gradient Nails w/color change hud - with and without poses to help keep the nails on.  100L
Filthy - Alexandra - 99L for fatpack of them *older skins*
Truth - Briony w/Roots - Seaspray
HOC shoes w/color change HUD
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